Volvo Penta Green Coolant 22567233, Ready Mixed

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Volvo Penta Green Ready Mixed Coolant 

Protects to temperatures down to -25 C 

A high performance coolant specially formulated for older generations of Volvo Penta engines.

• Prevents freezing and overheating.

• Maximum protection against corrosion, cavitation and build-up.

• Prevent internal engine component degradation, optimizing engine life.

• Two years change interval.

Note! Do not mix Volvo Penta coolant VCS (yellow) and Volvo Penta coolant (green).

They are formulated for the specific requirements of different engine generations and contain unique additives that are not compatible.

Always use the same Volvo Penta coolant type that initially was delivered with the engine.

5 Litre Can

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