Important Installation Guidelines & Warnings


Double Check the Engine before starting Installation

To the best of our abilities we send the correct engine based on the information provided during the ordering process. However there may be some differences that we are unaware of. 

The installer has the responsibility to check the engine for compatibility and size before commencing work and contact Repower Marine if any differences that may effect installation. 

For example 5.0L and 5.7L GM engines look identical, but performance and ECU’s are different.

Oil System Priming

All engines lubrication systems must be primed before starting, and crank-driven oil pumps must be pressure primed. 

Engines with Hydraulic Timing Tensioners can jump time if not pressure timed.

Oil Coolers & Remote Oil Filters

If your engine has an external oil cooler, you must replace it with a new new one, as there is no way to properly flush or clean the oil cooler. Oil cooler / remote oil filter lines must be soaked with a suitable solvent cleaner for 30 minutes and washed through until clean. 

Failure to perform these functions will void your warranty if the failure is caused by oil contamination.

Sanding Discs & Abrasives

The use of sanding discs or similar abrasives ( beads) on gasket surfaces may void warranty if bearing failure, damage to bores if engine contamination occurs. 

Valve adjustment

Engines with adjustable valve train have been set at the factory valve lash adjustment of zero, Valve lash may require final adjustment after initial running of the engine for peak performance.

Engine Timing

It is the responsibility of the installer to set the ignition timing, and ensure timing is correct, at all RPM. These figures will change depending on the ignition system being used, and must be exact. Failure to do so can result in engine damage not covered by warranty.

If you are unsure please contact us for advise

Injection / Carburettor Function

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure correct function and adjustment of the carb fuel injection system.

Lean conditions can lead to over heat damaging the pistons 

Over fueling from faulty injectors, high fuel pressure, flooding carbs and choke assembly can dilute lubrication supplied to the piston assembly, leading to wear and scoring of the bore and low compression. This is not covered under the engine warranty.

It is advisable to check the fuel pressure on injection engines prior to starting.

Break in Procedure and Oil Requirements

A detailed engine break in and oil requirements sheet is provided, and is also available on our website, this must be followed exactly.

Record Keeping

Keep a record of maintenance performed, keep invoices and corresponding payment receipts, detailing parts, labour, hours and services

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